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minmetals uk interviews

This series of videos explores why the Chinese trader thinks it important to have a hedging strategy and why it uses the LME to manage metals price risk.

LME Metals Seminar 2018

Hear from industry experts on the global economic outlook, geopolitical issues in the metals market, responsible sourcing and the ever-popular Metals Debate in the videos from 2018’s Metals Seminar.

LME Overview 2018

hg0088皇冠to welcomeCatch-up on how events in 2018 have impacted the metals industry and how the LME has worked with the market.

LME Strategic Pathway

We have produced a series of videos with LME CEO Matthew Chamberlain to help explain the LME’s new strategic pathway.

LME Discussion Paper 2017

hg0088皇冠to welcomeWe are producing a series of video briefings to help explain the LME Discussion Paper leading up to the end of the consultation period on 30 June 2017.

Trading on the LME animated series

Learn more about trading on the LME by watching our five part video series.

Education series

LME staff answer your most frequently asked questions in this educational video series.

LME Aluminium Premiums

hg0088皇冠to welcomeWatch our two part series on our LME Aluminium Premiums contracts.

Ferrous series

hg0088皇冠to welcomeWe spoke to some physical and financial contract users, to understand the different reasons for using our ferrous contracts.

Physical market services

Watch two videos showcasing how and why the physical market uses the LME.

Timelapse series

The LME office and Ring come to life in under 60 seconds!


Find out how LMEshield works and the benefits it can bring to banks, commodity owners and traders through secure and effective commodity receipting.

LMEshield 系列视频

hg0088皇冠to welcome了解LMEshield使用方法,以及银行,商品所有者和交易商如何通过这安全有效的非标仓单管理系统获益

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